We love Strawberry Lipo!

Mar 18th, 2014

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We love Strawberry Lipo!

Last Friday we attended a fabulous event called the Ladies Glass Slipper, this is an awards event that celebrates women in business. The event is part of The Sunshine Fund so a great cause.

It was a fabulous day with some great ladies receiving some well deserved awards. Believe 2 Achieve wasn’t up for anything this year but we were there to support some great friends.

We all worked hard that week to make sure we looked great in our dresses so we worked hard and of course we all had a go on our fabulous Laser Lipo Machine!

That is one of the best things about the Strawberry Lipo, it can really work for you. If you have an event coming up and you want to be at your very best then get in touch and we can come up with a short term plan just for you!


LaserLipo can give instant results with no pain, discomfort or downtime.
We are unique in the UK in creating your own personal programme of Laserlipo – the benefits of Laser Liposution here in Newcastle without the surgery – 
with a complementary personal training, nutrition and massage programme designed just for you and delivered at times to suit you, in our discreet clinic and gym.
In addition to zapping those hard-to-shift wobbly bits, LaserLipo can also be used to drastically reduce the appearance of stretchmarks.
Laser Liposuction is delivered via paddles attached to a simple machine. All you do is lie back and relax for 10-20 mins (depending on the area to be treated) and enjoy the warm feeling which comes as the machine does all the work.
After this peaceful lie down you go into our private gym with Amanda or Katy for a short, private session of 1:1 exercise, tailored to your level. This maximises the effectiveness of the Laser Liposuction machine and fills you with feel-good endorphins.
Eight sessions per  area is enough for our clients to notice a huge difference.

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