The slim rules

Nov 16th, 2013

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The slim rules

We’ve picked out ten of the best tips. Live by them!

Drink smart: So is that bottle of Evian you carry round purely for decoration or are you actually going to drink it? Keeping hydrated boosts your metabolism, and drinking water ice-cold uses energy because your body has to warm it up (who knew?). Make it a habit to drink 3litres a day (include water on your daily food diary to ensure you do it) and when you’re partying, match every alcoholic drink with a glass of water.

Sneaky snacks?
How do you make your snack selection? Every time you have an apple instead of a chocolate bar, you’re saving calories and fat and you’re getting fuller!

The 25% principle
Leave 25% of your food on the plate at every meal and save what’s left for lunch the next day (if you normally eat 2,000 cals a day, that’s a saving of 500 cals a day)

Limit salad toppings
Yeah, all that lettuce looks healthy enough, but when you’ve smothered it in bacon bits, cheese crumbles, croutons and vinaigrette, you might as well have a steak!

Eat consciously…
At a table, with a knife and fork, thinking about every mouthful. Eat infront of the TV, and you’ll on average scoff 500 cals extra.

Big breakfast
Your metabolic rate is highest in the morning, so eat a good and healthy breakfast now to boost metabolism by 10% for the rest of the day. We like scrambled eggs on toast or Greek yoghurt with fruit and nuts.

People who sleep less eat more, says the University of Chicago, so get some shut-eye!

Spice of life
Spicy food increases your heart rate and can boost metabolic rate by 50% for three hours afterwards. Accept all invitations to Indian parties!

Slash the fat
Fatty food slows the calorie-burning part of your cells, so cut back and burn more – chickpeas over chicken and beans over beef, fat-free dressings and mustard instead of mayo.

Ditch the diet
Crash diets play havoc with your metabolism, sending your body into starvation mode and making it hang on to every calorie. Eat regular, small amounts six times a day.

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