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We believe in ditching fad diets and changing your approach to food and your body are the key to achieving life-changing results – that really last. Our tailored eating plans work with you and your own tastes and preferences so you banish cravings, while our food diary, weight monitoring and lifestyle coaching approach, helps to motivate you to achieve success. Whatever your aims are, be it losing weight, weight gain, training for an event or coping with food intolerances, we can guide, motivate and support you to reach your goals. Our nutrition services are Included in our Believe2Achieve programmes of LaserLipo or G5, or are available combined with personal training alone, so we can help you to look and feel your best through eating well.


We don’t advocate cutting out the things you love, our approach is all about moderation, portion control, and eating a healthy, balanced diet. We take an 80/20 approach – be good 80% of the time, and allow yourself to still enjoy treats and food you love, only 20% of the time. Food monitoring really helps our clients to be honest with themselves about what they’re eating, and be conscious of their eating habits. So no, we won’t tell you to never eat your favourite foods again!
We’re only human and it’s easy to slip into old habits. The best thing is to be honest in your food diaries so that we can realistically measure results.
Through the support and motivation of the Believe2Achieve trainers, we can help you to change your thoughts around food and your body, not just focusing on the food you eat, which will help you to change old habits. By combining with exercise and LaserLipo and or G5 and massage, the fast results will help you stay motivated and on track.