Insanity at B2A 2014!!!!

Oct 15th, 2014

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Insanity at B2A 2014!!!!

Going INSANE at B2A: INSANITY has arrived!


You may have heard of the challenging, inspiring and quite frankly crazy workout DVD that is ‘Insanity’.  You might have even dared do some of the workouts at home, pushing yourself through each round of sweat, jumps and determination. Up until April 2014, Insanity wasn’t being taught over in the UK in a group exercise format, but now that it is, it’s time to dig deeper and give it your best shot!

If you’re familiar with insanity you probably recognise one of his favourite expressions, “dig deeper!”, but let’s take a moment to break that seemingly hollow expression down.

When you’re in the middle of a tough insanity workout and your body wants to just turn off and fall to the floor, what is it that we’re actually digging for?  Having done countless insanity sessions and being oh so familiar with the feeling of exhaustion after doing those dreaded tuck jumps or burpees, I would say that I’m digging for strength. I’m digging for the strength to keep going and not to quit, as well as the strength I need my body to provide to physically do the next move.  I’m also digging for the determination and will power that I need to remind me of why I’m putting myself through this crazy as hell workout! I remind myself during the struggle and shortness of breath that this is making me more powerful, more confident and is with no question of a doubt making my fitness go through the roof! Whether it is a marathon that you’re training for, an obstacle course, or simply that you want your body to burn fat as easy as a hot knife cuts through butter, Insanity will get you there.

Insanity is a new revolution in interval training, taking your body to its maximum exertion point and pushing past your current levels of fitness. You are working at 100% throughout and in doing so are burning through your fat stores and increasing your metabolism for upto 48 hours (so be warned…. It is very likely that you’ll have a big appetite after doing these workouts). If you’ve never tried an insanity class and are sat there thinking you would never be able to do it, I’ve got some very exciting news for you….YOU’RE WRONG!

Insanity isn’t for the feint hearted, for sure, but in every single person on this planet there is a warrior inside, there is the ability to learn, adapt and conquer. You might be terrible for your first few classes but as you continue you won’t regret taking the step to try it because you will be so happy with the results. Insanity offers modifications for each exercise, meaning that if you do have bad knees, weak shoulders or anything else there will always be a way of getting around that exercise to make it do-able.


It has been two weeks now since Amanda and I qualified as Insanity instructors and we are eager to share the moves, the sweat and the results with anyone who wants to try it.

Come along on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays at 7am or 7.30am to do your first half hour class. If you’re not an early bird then try out our other half hour classes at 13.15 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.


Get ready to DIG DEEPER!!!!!!!

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