Calling all brides!!

Feb 18th, 2014

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Calling all brides!!

The cold weather has hit us but don’t let the bad weather make you start comfort eating as it does for so many of us, especially brides!

Brides, its fast approaching Wedding Season and so many of you will be starting your bridal boot camps and training to get yourself feeling and looking fantastic for your big day. This is amazing and I for one think its fantastic how many great training sessions are out there for brides.

But what about after care or those stubborn little pockets of fat you can’t get rid of? That’s where we come in. At Believe 2 Achieve we will help you with your food management and eating plans and we can spot reduce those pesky areas that boot camp just cannot get rid of, no matter how hard you try!!

We have a lot of brides coming to us to help make sure they fit into their dress and to ensure it’s the perfect fit. How does it work? It’s genius….

Our Strawberry Laser Lipo machine is a Class 3B Cold Red Laser, It is a painless treatment that is actually very comfortable as the laser panels become warm when wrapped around your body. You simply lie down for 15 minutes and let the lasers do the work.  Lipolysis is what happens when the laser beam penetrates the human skin. The painless treatment does not damage the body or its cells but manages to empty fat cells of water, glycerol (sugar) and free fatty acids. The water carries the fatty acids into the lymphatic system and the sugar is instantly absorbed by the venous system or blood stream. The result is that the full cells become empty and therefore reduce dramatically in size resulting in instant inch loss!!! Once the treatment is over it is vital to exercise to speed up the metabolic rate and encourage the lymphatic system to urinate out the unwanted fatty acids in a totally natural way. Pretty fantastic isn’t it…

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch today and book in for a free consultation and let us design an inch loss programme just for you!

Katy: 07753 910 550      Amanda: 07971 864 317

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