Apr 3rd, 2014

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So we are busy organising our first ever boot camp and it got me thinking. Why do us girls love boot camp so much?

Is it the gathering of a group of women united together that makes us feel better at weigh in? That helps us get past the pain barrier and the burn of 50 squats? When you think you just can’t keep going any more and your legs are about to give way then a girlfriend looks at you and says ‘come on! We are almost done! Think of your bikini body!!’ and we suddenly from no where find the strength to get through the last 5 minutes?

GIRL POWER – isn’t it amazing…

Together we can conquer anything and together we will. Boot camp starts in a couple of weeks so I will keep you posted on how we all get on…

In the meantime we are getting the clinic ready for spring and summer and getting our new fitness plans in place. Juicing is of course one of the most important factors in this, a fresh daily juice can combat so many things and keep you healthy and energised throughout the day too. If you are interested in finding out more about our fresh juicing plans then get in touch!!

Amanda and Katy 07971 864317 / 07753 910550

North East Clinic, 52 Heaton Road, Newcastle NE6 1SE

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