A Scary Look Into The Future….

Nov 3rd, 2014

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A Scary Look Into The Future….

This Halloween we saw hundreds of horrifying fancy dress costumes on Facebook, Instagram and not to mention the little ghouls that were wondering around asking for sweets, although there didn’t seem to be as many of the latter this year for some reason.  Anyway, ghosts and ghouls aside I want to talk about things that are frightening in our day to day lives that exist all year round, not just at the end of October. 
I think that one thing that we often don’t consider as something that is scary until it is knocking on our own door or that of a loved one is the decline of our health.  A simple cold or flu may not be a nice thing to have but it is by no means scary or upsetting, whereas when we get seriously ill it can be a bit of a wake up call and set us into action mode.  We’ll all of a sudden start taking steps to improve our lifestyle and dietary choices, and rather than taking the lazy option we decide to try the road less travelled, that actually leads to a much better destination!  Unfortunately there are so many things in todays Western society that will try and veer us down the road to an unhealthy body and unhappy state of mind, and it can be very hard to know what are the right or wrong choices to make, but on a positive note the internet gives us an abundance of inspiration and information regarding health and fitness so there is no excuse these days not to be doing something to keep fit. 
Arthritis, back pain and diabetes don’t have to be things that you will suffer with in the future, or can’t treat if you already have.  It is in YOUR POWER to prevent these things and many more things, happening to you.  For the sake of yourself and those that love you, don’t wait until it’s too late to turn your life around.  Simple steps such as cooking from scratch as opposed to getting ready-meals, changing your style of workout and swapping caffeinated drinks for herbal teas or water can make a massive difference to your waistline and your mental being.
Taking the road less travelled may not be the easiest option but every step of your journey will take you closer to a fully functioning body and peaceful mental state. Very few of us choose the difficult path and are often looking for a quick way around things, and these are the people who tend to fall sick and suffer from health problems. 
Let’s make sure the grim reaper doesn’t think he can come knocking on your door any time soon!

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